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Image Upscaler

· 2 min read
Igor Eschalier

What is an image upscaler

Perfect Image UpScaler is an image enhancement software that transforms in one click an SD image into an HD image. It can also reduce the image compression effect, get a clear blur effect, remove noise on pictures ... In a few words bigger image without a pixelated effect

Image-upscaler by ClipDrop

Say goodbye to pixelated pictures. Our image upscaler allow you to upscale image in one click.

Example with web developer use case

Handle assets can be a pain point. Images need to be optimized, and you don't always have original assets to generate images with a better resolution than you already get. In this case, you can use clipdrop image upscaler to enhance your image to fit your requirements.

Ex (Before/After): upscale logo example

Improve photo take with digital zoom

Our smartphone can take good pictures and they have the capacity to do a digital zoom. But digital zoom decrease the quality of the final image. And sometimes your memory may be wasted by this loose of quality. But keep calm and use the clipdrop image upscaler.

Ex (Before/After): upscale logo example