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Teleport anything, anywhere with AI

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How to teleport someone anywhere?
Our free online background changer can teleport anybody, anywhere. Take an image of yourself and describe where you want to be. Clipdrop AI will remove the original background and create a new background that match your description.
Pro-tip : You can use our mobile Clipdrop app to take a picture on your phone, and instantly change the background of your image.
How can I create pro compositions without a studio?
You don't need a photo studio anymore. With Clipdrop photo background changer, you can replace photo backgrounds instantly. You don't even need a photo editing software to remove the background and place your own background instead. You can directly create all the scenes of your dreams, and change background by just describing it in plain English!
Do you have an app to change image background?
Yes, the Clipdrop AI technology needed to change image background is available on our mobile application.