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The most accurate background removal solution available

Clipdrop artificial intelligence remove image background while preserving the details of the foreground like no others.

Clipdrop benchmark 1 original


Clipdrop benchmark 1 our result


Clipdrop benchmark 1 competitor result


Clipdrop is the best background remover for very complex objects

Clipdrop benchmark 2 original


Clipdrop benchmark 2 our result


Clipdrop benchmark 2 competitor result


Clipdrop remove image backgrounds and keeps the edges of objects extremely sharp!

Clipdrop benchmark 4 original


Clipdrop benchmark 4 our result


Clipdrop benchmark 4 competitor result


Clipdrop AI powered tool is perfect for complex edges.

Clipdrop benchmark 3 original


Clipdrop benchmark 3 our result


Clipdrop benchmark 3 competitor result



Clipdrop product photography use case
Product photography use case result

Clipdrop background removal is the best algorithm to clean portraits pictures

Portrait use case
Portrait use case result

Clipdrop online background remover performs extremely well on cars

Car use case
Car use case result

The new Clipdrop picture background remover tool is more powerful, accurate, and easier to use. The improved algorithm can help you remove background fast, and it's optimized for clothing.

Cloth use case
Cloth use case result

With Clipdrop advanced computer vision algorithms, removing backgrounds of the most complex chair, bench, or any other furniture became easy!

Furniture use case
Furniture use case result

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is background removal?

Background removal is a process of digitally removing the background from an image, allowing the foreground to remain.

How good is the quality of the background removal? use the very best technology to remove the background and will gives you best results compared it to all the available alternatives.

How to remove the background on high resolution image for free?

To remove the background from an high resolution image, upload it to which can handle image size up to 5000x5000 pixels

How to replace the background of an image?

You can replace the background of an image using Clipdrop Replace Background. You can virtually teleport any object, anyone anywhere.

Clipdrop Remove Background - The most accurate background remover, available for free | Product Hunt

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