Create multiple variations from a single image.

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What is Reimagine?
Reimagine is a new algorithm based on the open source Stability Stable unCLIP model. It creates images variations from an image.
Stability Stable unCLIP model is open-sourced and available on StabilityAI’s GitHub.
How does Reimagine work?
The classical text-to-image Stable Diffusion XL model is trained to be conditioned on text inputs.
This version replaces the original text encoder with an image encoder. So instead of generating images based on text input, images are generated from an image. Some noise is added to generate variation after the encoder.
This approach produces similar-looking images with different details and compositions. Unlike the image-to-image algorithm, the source image is first fully encoded, so the generator does not use a single pixel from the original one!
How do I get started with Reimagine ?
You just need to upload an image, and Reimagine will automatically create three variations for you.