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What is inpainting?
Inpainting is a special technic used for removing unwanted objects from photos (object removal). It can be used to remove an unwanted person. It used to work with a Clone tool like the inpaint, but using artificial intelligence gives much better results today.
Why Cleanup is better than other inpainting tools?
Cleanup.picture is an advanced editing tool based on artificial intelligence that is much better than other clone stamp tool. Clone tool like Adobe Photoshop fix, need a background reference, while our AI is truly able to guess what was behind the unwanted text, the unwanted people, unnecessary objects in just a few clicks.
What image resolutions can cleanup handle?
You can import images of any size in Cleanup. Export will be limited to 720px for the free version. There is no size limit for the Pro version. We're continuously improving the quality of the images exported by Cleanup.
How much Cleanup cost?
Cleanup is free unless you need better quality and process hi-resolution images. The price is visible on the pricing page.
Your subscription will work on both mobile and desktop.