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How does clipdrop relight work?
Relighting a picture after it was captured is possible thanks to our custom Artificial Inteligence. You can use a traditional photo editing software like Adobe lightroom or Adobe photoshop to edit raw files, but these photo editors are complicated software for advanced power users. AI photo editing is simply made of a set of AI powered tools that helps you quickly create images that look professionally edited.To learn more about it has been created check our blog post
Why relighting a photo?
Lighting is essential in photography.
Professional photographers use complex light sources in photo studio. Great illumination is key to create amazing portraits.
Conventional photo editing softwares are only able to perform basic light operations like making an image brighter or adjusting the contrast, but can't edit lights as a photographer would in a studio.
Thanks to our AI (a large artificial neural network trained on a big datasets of images), it is now possible to relight images.
By adding light into the scene after a photography is taken, you can enhance it, even in high resolutions.
How to relight images?
upload your image directly on
move the light sources,
download the result!