Clipdrop iOS v3.3

May 1, 2022

Clipdrop iOS v3.3 poster

With major improvements to Cleanup's algorithm and tons of new content for the editor, this update marks the begining of a new era for Clipdrop. The v3.3 update is available now on the AppStore.

What's new

⚡️ Unlimited Free Clips ⚡️

This update removes the 10 clips limit for the free version. We've added so much value to the Pro subscription that we've decided to remove the number of clips limit for the free version. We're excited to open up access to Clipdrop's quality to a whole new audience.

⚡️ Dramatic quality improvement on Cleanup ⚡️

Improved Cleanup

Remove objects, defects people or text with unbelievable accuracy. Our research team has been busy improving our inpainting algorithm. And as you can see in the example, the difference is really impressive on large images.

⚡️ 20+ new Backgrounds & 50+ new Stickers ⚡️

New Content

We've added some fresh backgrounds and stickers to the editor. You can now choose from a wide range of backgrounds and stickers in the editor to enhance your composition.

⚡️ Tons of bug fixes ⚡️

We fixed many issues in this release, especially with colors management & HD modes.

Try Clipdrop v3.3 for free

This update is now available on the AppStore.

Hope you enjoy it and feel free to join us on Slack if you have any questions or comments.