Introducing Remove Background

May 11, 2022

Remove Background Poster

Today we’re launching the most powerful background remover ever released:

It outperforms every other picture background remover that we’ve benchmarked so far.

  • Do you need a transparent background for your photo?
  • Do you want a new background? a white background?
  • You don't want to remove the background manually, you don't want to learn specific skills or use complex design tools?

Removing backgrounds has never been so easy. And the best part? it’s free 🙂

If you like our tool you can support us on product hunt:

Clipdrop Remove Background - The most accurate background remover, available for free | Product Hunt

The most accurate & robust background remover ever released

If you’ve used a background removal tool in the past, you’ve certainly noticed that these results are often inconsistent, kind of hit & miss, and never give the high-quality results of human-made cut-outs.

Our machine learning team has worked incredibly hard over the past 2 years and a half to train our artificial intelligence and create the most advanced computer vision algorithms to remove backgrounds. This leads to phenomenal quality improvements over other background removal tools. For instance, it is handling hair perfectly.

Background removal available everywhere you go

Available everywhere

Clipdrop's incredible and award-winning online background remover is now available on virtually every platform.

Here's a non exhaustive list of where you can use your Clipdrop account:

  • Web App: To remove the background of your images online, you just have to upload image, then download the png file.
  • iOS App: Remove or replace the background of any image from your iPhone.
  • Android App: Remove or replace the background of any image directly from your Android device.
  • Photoshop Plugin: Remove images backgrounds with Adobe Photoshop, at a much superior quality than the built-in tool.
  • Figma Plugin (in private beta)
  • Zapier Integration (in private beta)
  • Public API: Of course, our background removal technology has API support :-)

Public API

Public API

Looking for API support?

At Clipdrop we believe that the future of content creation is multi-modal, in a continous collaboration between team members & their multiple devices. That's why we're building a powerful API that allows you to benefit from Clipdrop's superior algorithms in all your visual workflows.

We see the Clipdrop API becoming the go-to solution for anything related to image processing using AI.

The Clipdrop API can be used in apps of any scale. We already process millions of images weekly across all our Clipdrop products & B2B partnerships.

And to make sure that you can get started quickly, we've started a collection of open-source samples that demonstrate how to use the API in your apps & workflows.

API Sample Example iOS

A growing ecosystem of apps, plugins and resources

Clipdrop Ecosystem

Clipdrop Remove Background is the latest addition to the ever growing Clipdrop ecosystem of apps, plugins & resources that help you create stunning visuals in seconds.

What's next?

We're continuing to add new features to the algorithm to make it more robust to an ever broader range of images.

We're also working on a set of exciting features & extensions that will be reserved to our Clipdrop Pro members. You can join now with 3 days free, getting access to exclusive features & resources across all our apps & plugins.

Try it now for free


Give it a try! it's free, and there's no account or credit card needed.

The only thing we ask is to please let us know if you have any feedback :)

If you have any question, feel free to join our Slack Community or contact us.