Introducing Image Upscaler

June 17, 2022

Image Upscaler Poster

Today we're launching Clipdrop Image Upscaler, the easiest way to upscale your images 2x or 4x with AI.

  • Do you need a quick way to upscale, denoise and enhance in 1 click?
  • Do you need to sharpen blurry edges?
  • Do you need to remove JPEG compression artifacts?

Well, Image Upscaler is the easiest way to do it :)

Clipdrop Remove Background - The most accurate background remover, available for free | Product Hunt

Upscale 2x or 4x

Upscale 2x or 4x

With Image Upscaler you can upscale images 2x or 4x up to 8k resolution in seconds. It's especially useful when you want to present images on large displays or print them.

Automatically sharpen and remove noise

Automatically sharpen and remove noise

With Clipdrop Image Upscaler you can also automatically sharpen and remove noise such as JPEG compression artifacts from your images. This is a great feature when you don't control the quality of your images.

Super Resolution Public API

Public API

The community has already built incredible apps with our background removal API and inpainting API APIs.

That's why we decided to also make the Image Upscaler API available to everyone with a public endpoint:

The Clipdrop API can be used in apps of any scale. We already process millions of images weekly across all our Clipdrop products & B2B partnerships.

And to make sure that you can get started quickly, we've started a collection of open-source samples that demonstrate how to use the API in your apps & workflows.

A growing ecosystem of apps, plugins and resources

Clipdrop Image Upscaler is the latest addition to the ever growing Clipdrop ecosystem of apps, plugins & resources that help you create stunning visuals in seconds.

What's next?

We're continuing to add new features to the algorithm to make it more robust to an ever broader range of images.

We're also working on a set of exciting features & extensions that will be reserved to our Clipdrop Pro members. You can join now with 3 days free, getting access to exclusive features & resources across all our apps & plugins.

Try it now for free

Give it a try! it's free, and there's no account or credit card needed.

The only thing we ask is to please let us know if you have any feedback :)

If you have any question, feel free to join our Slack Community or contact us.