Swap people in any image




What is Swap?
Clipdrop Swap is a powerful tool that makes it easy to swap a person in a picture. Clipdrop Swap goes beyond simple face swapping and enables you to replace the entire head in a picture using advanced AI techniques. Swap delivers high quality and realistic images that can be used for fun or in professional settings.
How to use Swap?
  • Begin by uploading the image in which you'd like to substitute the head.
  • Add subjects by dragging photos to the bottom panel. Our system automatically detects and groups faces of the same person. You may only use the head of yourself or someone who has given you their permission to do so.
  • Replace people in the main image by dragging a person from the bottom panel to one of the highlighted circles.
How to get optimal head swap results?
For the best head replacement results using Swap, ensure that:
  • The face is clearly visible with no objects partially blocking it.
  • The image is not tilted or rotated.
  • The face is in a front-view position.